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Traditional Touch Home by Capitala

Living in the urban city sometimes make us imagine how peaceful living in the village. Imagine the fresh air, nice…

May 11, 2018

Living in the urban city sometimes make us imagine how peaceful living in the village. Imagine the fresh air, nice people, and lovely simple house.  The traditional home always brings a warm and calm ambiance. It be the best way to refresh our mind. Now, let’s take those all into our apartment by looking of this<strong> traditional touch home</strong> by Capitala.

The living room which shows contemporary design and traditional stuffs become the perfect combination. The living room with two big windows show the modernity from the outside of the home and the fire place, arm chair and sofa, and wooden horse toy inside come up with traditional touch. The distance between the fire place and the chair are far enough so you will not feel too hot but perfectly creates the warmer ambience among your whole family member. The yellow hanging lamp in the living room produce the dim light and it will make the living room feel more traditional. The windows which are provided can be used for enjoying the scenery outside while you have your intimacy interaction with your family.

A white bedsheet and the two night lamps lead you to have beautiful dream in the night. The medium size of flat television is the suitable added in your bedroom. It is not exaggerated stuff which can keep the simplicity of your bedroom. S

The stair will less slippery with the gray carpet included. The banister is also provided which can be saver for your family members. The small room under the stair can be used as a warehouse for keeping your old stuffs.

Two hanging lamps on the wall create a warm ambiance in this bedroom. The wardrobe cabinet hidden inside the wall.

From the kitchen, the soft brown and the white color, either on the wall or in the cooking equipment, still become the applicable favorite color in the home. The wooden dining table and chair bring back the traditional stuff in your home.

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