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Rural Home Renovates by Cyril Chenebeau

October 11, 2018

The rural home has a big door. From this room, we can still see the lush trees.

Lush trees surrounding the rural home. Located in j, the rural wood perfectly renovated by Cyril Chenebeau. The rural home has a maroon and white color exterior. Two chairs placed on the terrace to be the perfect place spend the leisure time. The rural home also has a fence with the stones material.

Wood choose as the material for an indoor and outdoor room of the rural home. In this side the black window fit with the maroon wall. Pieces of dowel placed as the outdoor home ornaments. The rural home wall has a matte paint.

The bathroom has a transparent roof that can be open and close. We can open the transparent roof when we want to feel the fresh air in this bedroom. We can also close the roof when the rain comes. With a transparent roof, we can peek the leaves and the sky from the bathroom. Greystones cover the bathroom wall. The bathroom shower made from stainless steal. That gives a modern touch in the rural home bathroom.

Although in the rural home, the kitchen has a modern and sophisticated kitchen stuff. At the edge of the kitchen ceiling, there are many lamp nodes. A little window also found here to peek the lush tree.

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