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Neutral Color Palettes Home by ODFA

Neutral color is never outdated, and it is the best choice if you want to play it safe. Never worry…

May 9, 2018

Neutral color is never outdated, and it is the best choice if you want to play it safe. Never worry that you will run out of an idea to mix and match your house’s interior design. ODFA shares a classy design idea, with the reference from neutral color palettes, only to you! Neutral colors are applied in combinations, creating a warm, natural sensation without any dullness. Such an ideal ambiance you want to enjoy after work. With its focus-mood workroom and stress-relief atmosphere, this house is a perfect living for working couple. Neutralize your stress with this neutral color palettes home!


This home has many patterned wall. In this corner, the patterned wall theme is a vintage. White brick wall such as this room's wall always succeeds to give a vintage looks.

This home has an open space area. It arranged neatly and looks really spacious. A fireplace placed in the center of the room to give warmness around.

The wooden floor and cream wall create warmness in the room, let alone with the decorative fireplace in the corner of the wall. The blazing flame and the pile of woods adjacent evoke a friendly rural image. The metal lamp hangs gracefully and fits in harmony with other furnishings. The TV is at a safe distance from the couch, making the watching TV experience more comfortable.

The hallway of this home also beautiful. It design with function to organize some stuff on the wire frame.

Other than the LED lamps on the ceiling, there are two unique lamps, which are ready to light you cooking activities. A small bar and three stools are placed in the center, just filling the space right.

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