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Less Is More Living Room Ideas

“Less is more” may make no sense in Math, but in the following home design, this phrase is quite true.…

April 26, 2018

“Less is more” may make no sense in Math, but in the following home design, this phrase is quite true. If you happen to be looking for a simple yet fun living room ideas for your house, this unique design may just do the job. Just as its name says, there are only a few things in this living room.


The natural abstract pattern on a large face of the wall gives an impression to the eyes of the beholders that the room has more objects than it actually does. A simple picture in frame is added on the wooden wall as not merely a decoration, but it also functions to lessen the intricate pattern. This way, the whole room is more pleasant to see.

As the room has only several objects, the dark floor and wall also have pattern. The pattern is not as visible and intricate as the wooden wall, but they also take part in giving accent to the room. The gray wall and floor are not so plain and not so full either. That right amount of pattern is just what the room needs. Naturally, this design is worth applying. It can also be a perfect way out if you don’t want to spend much on the furniture. Who had thought only a sofa and two small tables would make such a nice living room ideas ?

The dominant color of the living room is gray. Almost every object in the room is of the color gray. If the wooden wall weren’t there, the room would be not only empty but also plain. Thanks to the unique, full pattern of the wooden wall.

The furniture and decoration picked are simple in design and color. It makes the room literally spacious. At the same time, though, it also looks more occupied. The key is in the fully patterned wall. Not so much, but it makes a big difference. Great living room

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