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Cute and Cheerful Apartment

Some people want to live in a place which inspired them or more even refresh them from their daily routine.…

May 7, 2018

Some people want to live in a place which inspired them or more even refresh them from their daily routine. Here, there is a cute and cheerful apartment interior which can be applied to your apartment.

In this apartment, there is a minimalism bed without a literal door. The door is just from a curtain. So we can let the air come and go freely. There is a hanging long hub with is dominated by white color. Then, there is a blue wallpaper on the wall side to make it look stylish.

So, if you want to have a chic and stylish apartment, just put some color to be a theme in it. In this apartment, the wall is dominated with white and wooden furniture, but the stuff is dominated with the collaboration of pink and yellow. It’s not only cute but also cheerful.

A soft-pink sofa is placed as a living room. There are some cute dolls as an accessories yet pillow. A carpet and little cute chair in front of the sofa can complete the living room. The lamps are hanging from the ceiling be like a spider web. There is also a small kitchen behind the living room. This is like a small kitchen but minimalism yet cute. If you want to put some plant in the apartment, just put it beside the mall room within a shelf.

There is a bookshelf located side of the wall. This bookshelf can be as a bookshelf itself or as an accent for the room so it's fulfilled by something. then, there is dining room which is not separated by any wall. This little dining room has a yellow theme.

Colorful interior placed in this living room to bring a cheerful ambiance. The lamps above the sofa create a rainy light. Don't forget to put some favorite cartoon character.

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