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Contemporary Bathroom by Capitala

This bathroom is styled in a contemporary design. Using the most out of the existing space, this bathroom is able…

May 9, 2018

This bathroom is styled in a contemporary design. Using the most out of the existing space, this bathroom is able to incorporate essential bathroom furniture without abandoning comfort nor luxurious style.

Glass doors and walls are used to give more spacious feeling to the bathroom. Its floor uses dark tiles, sharply in contrast with the light-colored walls. That contrast brings about more contemporary and modern feeling to the bathroom.

The bathtub has design which resembles the sinks very much: simple shape of large bowl, with plain white as its color. There is no redundant addition to this elegant bathtub, serving the function in the most possible way. As can be seen from the first look inside the bathroom, there is glass wall behind the bathtub; one which directly overlooks outside’s scenery. The glass wall is rimmed with white border and guarded by a pair of doors. The glass wall offers relaxation to the person using the bathtub, by offering a choice to take a look at the world outside. One can look at other building, tall with grand architecture and intricate details, while being in the bathtub.

There are double faucets for double sinks in the bathroom. They are located under the mirror, widely stretching. The design employed for entire bathroom is that of minimalistic, modern design. Faucets and sinks are no exception. Opting to use simple and elegantly designed faucets, paired with large bowl-shaped sinks. The sinks perch atop darkly colored cabinet.

The drawer placed below the sink to hide the U bend pass. This bathroom completed with two sink.

There are bathtub, double faucets and sinks, mirror, towel rack, shower, and a small alcove in which soaps can be put. The walls are tiled with soft grey and off-white ceramics. When one is in the bathtub, one will be able to enjoy outside scenery through the glass wall just beside the bathtub.

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