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Classic feat Modern Theme Apartment

When we buy a new apartment, we want to decorate the interior as good as we want. Having them a…

May 7, 2018

When we buy a new apartment, we want to decorate the interior as good as we want. Having them a good furniture or some other good material is also needed. Some people confused to take their decision either classic or modern theme. This apartment interior design can mix it perfectly between classic and modern theme.

So, why don’t we marry this classic and modern in an apartment? Both classic and modern will be collaborated to make this apartment looks so elegant and comfortable.

The collaboration between modern and classy produces comfortable living room which can be as the guess to have a sit, the place to relax and the place to lounge with friends. There is a set of the grey sofa which is combined by sorrel color which looks classy in this apartment.

In another side, there is a television so all the family member can gather here to watch television together. Unique chairs is also a good idea to be putt as long as it does not disturb the way to go. It makes the apartment into a fascinatingly modern place to live by imposing a classy furniture design in all spaces

The pantry is one of the important parts of an apartment. Here, the pantry is combined with unique chairs. So, this collaboration’s result is the little dining room. The scheme of the pantry is also black, the white table is balancing the most dominated color scheme in this room. Another modern thing is placing the plant under the ceiling. It is such a natural thing which makes elegant, classy, but also modern.

Another side of the living room is full of large windows. Why should be large windows? These windows make the room look brighter. They also make it wider and larger so everyone can enjoy the room without any worries. And the last, we can enjoy the sky on the afternoon or the lamp view due to the night. Well, that’s why we should decorate our apartment with large windows.

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