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Cheerful Apartment by Polygon

Pattern and colorful furniture is the right way to create a cheerful ambiance in a home interior design. For example…

May 9, 2018

Pattern and colorful furniture is the right way to create a cheerful ambiance in a home interior design. For example is this <strong>cheerful apartment</strong> by Polygon.

The bathroom has another different color theme. As other rooms are colorful, this room is dominated by golden color from the wooden shelves and the beige tiles wall. The floor, while having the beige tone, has a touch of blue, which gives the room a little color. The colorful trace is apparent on the wall by the white bathtub, which is of tiles with mural pattern of blue shades. It is unique as well as giving the room stronger color.

Interestingly, the office has a hidden nursery room, which is hidden behind a bookshelf and a curtain as the partition. It makes working while nursing your child doable. The interesting feature of the room is the guitar on the wall, which bring a little rock atmosphere in the nursery room. A cheerful apartment will bring a happy ambiance for the kids.

Not always with patterned furniture and wall, the walls with television left plain and only has one color. The placement of colorful painting on this wall, make it still has a cheerful impression. Dining area with yellow chairs and a white desk becomes the boundary between the kitchen and living room. This cheerful apartment

Similar with the golden tone, the narrow hallway also has wooden color. It is brightened with the glass windows and a world map decoration. Ultimately, this house design is lively, which is suitable for full-spirited and creative people. Moreover, it is kids-friendly, which makes this even more ideal design as your living space.

Patterns of different colors brighten the living room. The color choice of the furniture, as in the blue sofa, red chair, and the colorful patterned pillows, is of vibrant colors. Furthermore, the rug has an abstract pattern of colors combination, which adds up the varicolored room.

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