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All in White Scandinavian Design House Decoration

All in the white house decoration can look in this Scandinavian style living room.  

May 2, 2018

All in the white house decoration can look in this Scandinavian style living room.


The kitchen placed beside the living room. That has a direct access to the living room. On the kitchen wall, there is a little side coated with beige stones. Some plants also placed in the kitchen to freshen. The kitchen just has a little cabinet. The rack on the wall helps the kitchen cabinet to arranged kitchen stuff neatly. Although the kitchen has a little space, the kitchen stuff is completed. There are a sink, stove, and microwave in this kitchen. Smart and neat arrangement of house decoration !

almost all of the wood in this living room coated with the white color such as the floor, table, window, and the mirror frame. There are many chandeliers placed on the living room table. that is also can found hanging on the ceiling. The wall of the living room decorated with many square photos and quotes. The living room has white sofa with many pillows on it. There is a deer pillow as the characteristic of the Scandinavian living room.

The bathroom has the most colorful room in this Scandinavian style apartment. That comes by blue ceramics blocking. The wall and the floor of the bathroom material are ceramics. The have different in size. On the bathroom wall, there is also glass rack. We can put the bathroom stuff here. Although it has a tiny space, the bathroom completed with a shower, toilet, sink, and also a mirror. A blue wall blocking house decoration exist in this room between the white.

This is the wardrobe cabinet of the Scandinavian apartment. The color still white fulfill with neutral color wardrobes. Although that is not large, the cabinet maximizes the function by gave some rack. The hanging clothes placed above the rack. This is use for the clothes that need neatly maintained. On the rack, we can put shoes, sunglasses case, towel, and others. Besides the cabinet, there are wardrobe hooks to put the bags and hats.

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